Analysis of Risk Retention Groups – Third Quarter 2011

The information contained in the Analysis of Risk Retention Groups – Third Quarter 2011 is sorted by company name in the first section and by state of domicile in the second section.  The information and analysis provided includes:

  • RRGs currently assigned a Financial Stability Rating ® (FSR) by Demotech, Inc.
  • NAIC number
  • Company name of the RRG
  • State of domicile
  • Financial statement contact (including their phone number and address)
  • Financial information excerpted from the RRG financial statements
  • Financial ratios
  • Schedule T data – through the current quarter
  • Direct premium written by line of business – as reported at previous year-end.

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Demotech Understands and Actively Supports RRGs

Demotech, Inc. understands the unique structure and opportunities that RRGs bring to the Property and Casualty industry.  In our working relationship with the analysts and examiners of the various departments of insurance as well as other government entities and business associations, Demotech is often called upon for our expertise and perspective.

Today, more than any time in recent history, insureds, agents and constituents need to have independent verification of financial stability.  Since Demotech’s rating methodology is based upon a review and analysis of insurance fundamentals, focused specialists, such as RRGs, are not penalized for operating under restrictions that limit diversification.